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Core Team, Partner Developers

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A Global Team

We are a global team of developers, academics and corporate experts in software, design, electronics, renewable energies, decentralized systems and smart contracts.

Hüseyin Uysal

Hüseyin Uysal


Blockchain Consultant
Successful investor, IT developer, crypto expert active in these areas since 2012

Michael Fischer

Michael Fischer


Development engineer, product development and quality management,
CEO of Poel Solutions – Production & Technology UG (hb)

André Curdas-bw

André Curdas


Organizer of the GmbH, in the area of ​​accounting, technology, sales experience in the areas since 1995

Mesut Tosun

Mesut Tosun

Electrician & skilled HV energy storage expert

Installation and service has been active for several years with special training for our products

David Richter

David Richter

Managing Director of dhpg Berlin GmbH

Auditing company, Tax consultancy
Consultant in questions of business structures, taxes and finances for many years successfully working as managing director

Yasin Akbaba

Yasin Akbaba

Electrician & skilled HV energy storage expert (Turkey)

Head and setup of production in Turkey


Anıl Çezik


Creative director

Oliver Braatz

Oliver Braatz

Tax Advisor

Consultant in the areas of tax structuring and taxation of crypto currencies / token.

Dirk Grüneberg

Dirk Grüneberg


Technical management & head of technique
Over 15 years of professional experience in the field of renewable energies as technical manager.

Ali Isıyel-bw

Ali Isıyel

Global Community Management

After working as an editor in many private companies and as a copywriter in advertising agencies in Turkey,
he now works as a global community manager at EnviDa.

Sany final

Sandra Walcher

Avrupa Pazarlama Yönetimi

Başarılı pazarlama kampanyalarının geliştirilmesi ve uygulanması konusunda deneyim. Ayrıca Sandra, profesyonel metin yazarlığı, araştırma ve blok zinciri analizi sunar.


Didem Duranoglu

Marketing Advisor

Graduated from the Department of Business Administration and Management at Istanbul Gelişim University. Worked with many large companies in the fields of marketing and social media. Finally, work as a marketing advisor for EnviDa.

Wilfried final

Wilfried Streiner

Pazarlama Yöneticisi

Pazarlama stratejisi, ekip oluşturma ve şirket deneyimi. Sigorta ve bankacılıktan kendi şirketlerine, 2016’dan beri blockchain teknolojisinde aktif ve MoneyFoxx’un lideri.

Dominik final

Dominik Rosenblatt

Topluluk Yönetimi

Sosyal medya ve topluluk oluşturma ve yönetme deneyim. Topluluklar için yönetim ve Discord sunucu ekibi liderliği.

Alex final

Alexander Kaczmarek

İlişki Yönetimi

Çeşitli şirketler için saha satış müdürü ve satış artışı. Ortaklar ve topluluklarla reklam konseptlerinin oluşturulması ve geliştirilmesi

Partner Developers


Victor Zelaya

DeFI and GameFi Design Expert and Consultant

Economist and Professional Data Analyst
Experienced in Big Data extraction, management and interpretation. Support in the design and modeling of private economies, development of business intelligence and automation of processes. Masters in Economics from ESEN.


Alex Rozgo

Simulation Scientist, VR/AR/XR Developer and Blockchain Systems Engineer, Co-Founder & CTO

Alex is a simulation scientist for U.S. Air Force and DARPA projects, where he creates virtual worlds and digital twins where humans and robots can train. Winner of Epic Mega Grants for leading a 3D Engine and AI platform that helps businesses integrate interactive real-time technologies and computer vision into their products. Alex Rozgo was an early blockchain adopter and an original contributor to core EOS blockchain; since then, has made blockchain an integral part of his private and open-source work.


Victor Amaya

Blockchain Specialist, DeFi Economics Designer, Operations Engineer, Product Development Lead, Co-Founder & COO

Victor is a blockchain and product development expert with extensive experience in the crypto trading and financial industry. He has been leading the development of multiple complex software platforms, and financial systems architecture for over 10+ years. Working with projects across multiple spaces such VR/XR/AR, blockchain, logistics and online retail. Winner of blockchain innovation awards and high-level consultant for private tokenomics and smart contract development.


Ian Scarffe

Ian Scarffe


Ian Scarffe is a serial entrepreneur, investor and consultant with business experience from around the world. A leading expert in Startup, Investment, Fintech and Blockchain industries. Ian currently consults and advises for a range of multi-million dollar companies.
Ian’s overall mission is to foster a society of economically independent individuals who are engaged citizens, contributing to the improvement of their communities across the world.